Food Review: Serenity Tearoom

October 24, 2018

From teas to exquisite southern cuisine. The Serenity Tearoom & Fine Dining is an upscale restaurant serving down south cooking in unprecedented ways.

On October 13th, my friends and I celebrated my 26th birthday by having dinner and experiencing serenity. Read our review of the evening below.

Sweet Potato Cheesecake?!

Salt & Pepper Catfish?!

Cajun Stuffed Hushpuppies?!

Chicken and Sausage Gumbo?!

Serenity is well known for tea time.

But now? Dinner is served!


Our waitress was friendly, chipper, and seemed newly hired. Our down to earth bartender made herself known and engaged with our party in a memorable way. It was pretty cool having the owner, Ms. Blanche, still serve and engage with her customers on a human level.


Upscale but every day. The decor is purple themed, a personal favorite, with set tables and lit candles. On Saturday nights the Tearoom has a live jazz band. The bluesy music set the ambiance for the evening. After dinner the band even blessed me with a special edition of happy birthday.


The food is worth it. 

The menu is creole themed, with dishes that have a lot of Louisiana flare.

The average millennial would take one look at the prices  and walk right past it to the closest corner store and get a pizza slice or 6 inch hoagie.

But at Serenity, the prices reflect the quality. It’s good!

We first were served complimentary biscuits and honey butter. They melted in our mouths — not an exaggeration.

We ordered the:

Pimento Pork Belly Mac.

This was the best mac and cheese I have ever tasted. Within each bite was pieces of pork belly and gooey gouda and breadcrumbs that we just wished never ended! It was enough for three people to share and is on the starters menu.

Shrimp and Grits.

My, my, my. What a wonder! Combined with andouille sausage, tomatoes and peppers — this was the most decorated plate of shrimp and grits ever. Most restaurants keep their grits plain and to the point. These additions added so much more to the flavor!

Jerk Salmon. 

This entree was definitely a favorite. The salmon was seasoned to perfection and the mango salsa added the perfect sweet/salty balance. The coconut risotto was so rich, Angie had to take a break mid-way!

Braised Short Rib. 

Though a tad overcooked, the rib came with vegetables, potato puree and fried onions. Yum! It was definitely tender to the touch, just the way I expected. I wish there was more puree added to offset the Madeira reduction; a girl likes her starch. But the meal itself? More than enough. I had a to-go box!

The Serenity Tea Room menu changes seasonally. The executive chef, Brandon Sumblin, is a two-time winner of the Food Network show Cooks vs. Cons, who is the mastermind behind all of the creatively delicious dishes prepared.

I remember coming to Serenity Tea Room as a young girl and experiencing my first tea party. It’s a full circle moment to return and enjoy your 26th birthday celebration with the best teas in town, good food, and an elegant atmosphere.

Serenity Tearoom sure knows how to make a birthday girl feel special — including the delectable chocolate covered strawberries on the house. It was a gratifying experience.

We can’t wait to visit again. This is not only a date night spot but perfect for a relaxing evening anytime of the year. I’m going back to try those Alabama White BBQ Sticky Ribs before they’re gone!

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