Top 40 Rappers of Frederick!

September 2, 2019

Yea, we released a list too. And nah, Joe Budden is not number two. 🤦🏽‍♂️

Who’s on our top 40 list? Check it below.

  1. Sturge
  2. BMY Zel
  3. Brian Cassette
  4. Retro Ricole
  5. Ahzay
  6. Anf
  7. Paris Price
  8. Stitch
  9. Billy Black
  10. Kennace the Menace
  11. J-Fuze
  12. Jase Kevion
  13. Jay Berd
  14. Frisco
  15. DaJohn
  16. Slim Hefnah
  17. Too Tone
  18. IV
  19. Downtown Dawson
  20. Reign Cannons
  21. King Alystacks
  22. Cold Hands
  23. Demetrius
  24. Nina Sarafina
  25. Bead Gawd
  26. Lil George
  27. Eli 2x
  28. Andre Ossit
  29. Rosayy Redd
  30. DC Denzel
  31. Zodiac Black
  32. Rellevant
  33. Iodine P
  34. Black Hap
  35. BME SG
  36. White Boy Nate
  37. Vango the Prophet
  38. The Real Maryland Boy
  39. Dvffle Bvg Rvg
  40. Droh lo

Why do we love Sturge? He’s got the potential to put Frederick on the map. That’s why.

Leave your opinions in the comments.

photo cred. nardcam.

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