​ “And The Young Shall Lead Them…”

Present Day Gun Violence

Apr 26, 2018
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America, a country that lives by the gun and dies by the bullet everyday.

Land of the law; a nation grounded in timeless principle and ideology that stands firm with little shift in the name of patriotism.

Guns used to only affect third world countries and the hood.

Then we started noticing a trend: Headlines became more frequent, casualties steadily increased, and mass murders became common.

“There is a mass shooting nine out of every 10 days on average.”

Victims’ identities ran together, desensitization rose to an all time high, and we chose our guns over people. We chose our guns over our people.
Too young to articulate their pain, (Sandy Hook)
Too holy to evoke change beyond prayer, (Charleston 9)
Too crowded of an area to hit close to home, (Vegas)

It wasn’t until high schoolers, a daring and blaring bunch, resounded: Enough.

There is no untouched ground in America where bullets haven’t rung and ricocheted.

Whether it is gun control, reform or abolishment, the opportunity has presented itself: Change.

“And you have the power to change this. And if you don’t, then we will change you.” – Florence Yared, student

See, there’s new kids on the block. They weren’t lying when they said kids are the future — they control it, too.

We are the shakers and movers.

It is our responsibility to create the change we want to see.
Our elders say we are too unforgiving, too rash in our actions, too final in our decision making. That’s because we watched adults grow complacent in the way of the world and our patience is waning.
We have seen real-life resistance, we have read our history books, we know how real change occurs. And with this renewed vigor and spirit, we are determined to challenge our resistors until forfeiture.

This is roll call.

We cannot rest on our parents’ past laurels, the contributions they made or re-venture on the roads they already traveled.
We cannot judge them for the passes they gave, the battles not fought, the seats not taken—we can only do better.
We have developed an innate wisdom; things we’ve learned from the country in which we live that we’re ready to put to the test; an unpracticed understanding that is criticized as impractical and naive by media outlets and congressman. But practice makes perfect. Our calling is now.

So starting today,

















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